Be one step ahead of the crowd
Invest in crypto startups before public sales with a return of 300-2500%
Unique chance to invest in crypto-startups on closed rounds and on equal terms with top funds
We only invest in projects that are supported by Tier 1-3 funds
Portfolio of the Best World Fundsa
average profitability of transactions
average profitability of transactions
average profitability of transactions
average profitability of transactions
average profitability of transactions
average profitability of transactions
The goal of the CryptoRun platform is to provide an opportunity for anyone to invest in crypto-startups at pre-IDO stages
Investments of 500$
Without a substantial budget
Maximum transparency
Maximum security
Maximum relevant
Without freezing funds for 5-7 years
According to ready-made strategies
You can sell tokens immediately after accrual
It is important not only to buy, but also to sell profitably
In the focus of our attention are only the most relevant sectors and projects with potentially large audience
We use a smart contract with multi-signature
Information about projects is available within the platform
Connecting through a wallet without KYC and entering personal data
The user interface is designed to be as simple as possible to improve user interaction without compromising security
The platform uses the power of smart contracts to collect investments. Transactions are publicly available for verification by anyone, which allows avoiding opacity and manipulation of funds
The CryptoRun platform is based on the WEB 3.0 principle
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How does this work?
We simplify four steps into one
Here's how the typical investing process works
Here's what investing with the CryptoRun platform looks like
You get a notification about an available project allocation. To invest in it, all you have to do is press one button on the platform. We take care of the rest
We created our own analytics system for project selection based on the analysis of 12 startup evaluation parameters
Out of 1952 projects that were invested in by large funds in 2022, only 39 passed our criteria
A team of 10 analysts keep their finger on the pulse and monitor more than 30 sources where project data appears first.
We assess what can be improved or developed in the project. We find flaws, contact the team and provide help for free.
We assess the project idea — how unique and scalable it is. We look at the tokenomics (the project's economy) — how well it is composed, we assess the mathematics. We pay special attention to the sector and whether it fits the trend of the project
We are assessing the project team, their merits, successes and negative consequences for investors in the past
At these two points, 60% of the projects from the initially recruited
In fact, out of 100 selected projects, we only invest in 2-3 of the safest and most promising ones
Selected startups are filtered through a checklist of more than 40 points — which funds invest in the project, are there any famous names.
In the process of communication and providing benefit, we ask control questions, understanding how much we are ready to invest in the project ourselves.
We filter out weak funds and those who like to quickly sell all their share, thus negatively affecting the token price
In this way, we give value to the project, in return getting access to allocations.
CryptoRun Portfolio
Seashell has already received a license from the regulator for its services in the US. The project meets the needs of institutions that are afraid to enter the crypto market and offers a solution: secure staking of their assets at 5-10% (BTC, ETH, STABLECOINS) and a range of other tokens
Founders Fund
Marc Cuban
Mintlayer is a Level 2 Sidechain solution built on top of the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain
Blockchain Infrastructure
Lava Network
Lava Network is a protocol that provides decentralized and high-performance RPC access for web3 applications at a large scale. This will allow applications to have scalable, private, and uncensored access to accurate blockchain data
Blockchain Service
Jump Crypto
Alliance DAO
DeFiYield is the first cross-chain decentralized security network that aims to make the DeFi space safer for everyone
Shima Capital
Coinbase Ventures
This is a platform that allows investors to easily and securely buy, store, and gain high returns from their cryptoassets

DragonFly Capital
Sequoia Capital
Apeiron is a fairly strong and interesting representative of the GameFi sector. Players will take on the role of a God, going through various dungeons, completing quests and a lot of other interesting things. In short, it's a pretty decent Roguelike even compared to Web2.0 games (not Play-To-Earn, but the usual games from Steam)
Morningstar Ventures
Spartan Group
Analog is creating an ecosystem of ecosystems and Metamask of Metamasks. In other words, it is a network and ecosystem that will bring together and provide access to all the leading blockchains and wallets, so that with one transaction you can take all your assets and send them wherever you need, or take stablecoins from 10 different networks and buy an interesting token in the 11th one.
Orange DAO
Outliers Fund
MH Ventures
Neptune Mutual is a multi-chain decentralized insurance platform that will explore new opportunities for creating user-centric hedge projects on the blockchain.
Blockchain Infrastructure
Fenbushi Capital
Huobi Ventures
Coinbase Ventures
Animoca Brands
Decaf — the idea of the project is to attract institutional investors from one of the largest cryptocurrency markets in the world (Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and others)) to the world of crypto and provide ordinary users with easy access to all the possibilities of mobile finance. Decaf will have its own exchange, both for desktop and mobile versions, as well as its own Decaf Wallet. In one application, it will be possible to invest in crypto, as well as simultaneously hold and buy traditional assets such as stocks or precious metals, and use Decaf as a payment system
Circle (USDC)
Andreessen Horowitz Fund (a16z)
Hard Yaka Fund
Solana Foundation
Backend Capital
Financial Ventures Studio
Varys Capital
Tribe Capital
Outliers Fund
NGC Ventures
Mr. Block
Results of investments
Blockchain Infrastructure
+ 1 049% received profit
Animoca Brands
Galaxy Interactive
Coinbase Ventures
Fabric Ventures
Continue Capital
+957% received profit
Sheesha Finance
CRT Capital
Master Ventures
Girnas Capital
Blockchain Infrastructure
Blockchain Service
+ 2 450% received profit
Coinbase Ventures
Mechanism Capital
Genblock Capital
Binance Labs
+957% — received profit
Infinity Ventures Crypto
Calculation of potential investor's profit in the BICONOMY project
The platform usage fee of the invested amount
Let's assume that you have invested in the project at the seed-round stage together with CryptoRun
Exclusive options available to investors only in partnership with us
the cost is 50$ per month or 100$ per quarter
the opportunity to invest in all projects

commission is 33% lower
You can join the PRIVATE group
Statistics are displayed (investment amount, number of projects)
Available allocations, successfully invested projects
Button for investing in a project with one click
Details about projects - description, token price, status, vesting, analytics from the CryptoRun team, links to project resources, team, tokenomics
Convenient and intuitive personal account, where:
In the personal account you can connect a Telegram bot that will tell you information and news about projects, when and how many tokens will be credited, when and on which exchanges trading will be conducted. It will also notify you of project changes
Telegram bot
The ability to invite new investors to the platform through your referral link and receive 30% of the commission they pay to the platform
Partnership system
A closed Telegram channel with information about CryptoRun team's asset purchases/sales, new trends, and critically important information. Audio/video chats with questions from participants being discussed
Closed Telegram channel
the ability to invest in a limited list of projects
After registration on the platform, you are assigned to the PUBLIC group
commission 15%
What else will be available to you with CryptoRun?
Go to the platform
Founder of the CryptoRun platform
Invested in over 300+ crypto startups
Co-founder of an informational portal about the Polkadot ecosystem
On the new wave of popularity of the crypto industry, he again began to look for investment opportunities in the early stages and still worked alone. Then for the first time I encountered the entry threshold - the better and more promising the crypto project, the greater the amount of investment. Started collecting small amounts together with a close circle, with whom I managed to invest in 5 projects
At the beginning of 2022, I began to build the CryptoRun platform based on web 3.0. The team grew to 10 people. The portfolio expanded to 30 unique projects, which allows us to this day
My first independent investments in projects at the ICO stage
I found an opportunity to invest in crypto projects at an early stage
Despite the "bear" market, the portfolio was in the black. At this time, I was forming an information foundation and actively communicating in different communities
Eugene Shevchenko
Investor Guarantees of the CryptoRun Platform
Company details
We guarantee 1000% profit
We promise a steady income from investments
What we really guarantee:
We are doing a lot of work to reduce risks and select projects with great potential for growth and profitability. And we are active investors in each of them
Accrual of assets in which you have invested or 100% return of funds
Maximum transparency. In the investor's personal account, information is always available — in which projects he has invested, the amount of investments, the expected number of tokens
The funds are invested according to all the conditions specified on the platform. In case of changes in the project conditions, the investor is additionally informed
The CryptoRun team has no direct access to the investment pool and the transactions are secure. The platform works through a smart contract secured by multi-signature. Transactions are publicly available for verification by anyone, which prevents manipulation of funds
It is important to understand that investments in the cryptocurrency market and venture capital involve a high risk. The investor may suffer significant losses up to the total amount of the investment and must have a high tolerance for risk
The platform is registered to a legal entity

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